A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A simple short horror game made for the 2 Minute Horror Game Jam

Find out what the scary outlet is hiding...


Movement - WASD

Jumping - Space

Flashlight - First Mouse Button

This game project is open source.


The Scary Outlet WIN 64 BIT.zip 14 MB
The Scary Outlet LINUX 64 BIT.zip 15 MB
The Scary Outlet MAC 64 BIT.zip 15 MB
The Scary Outlet SOURCE.zip 2 MB


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cool game thx

Thanks :)

bruh i had alot of fun 10/10



Thanks for enjoying the game :)

very short and fun


Thanks for the feedback :)

Interesting lol.

Thanks for the gameplay and finding the game interesting :)

Darkness It...

Thanks for the game play.

very spoopy outlet (first game played)

Thanks for the gameplay. Be sure to check out other games from the Two-Minute Horror Jam.

Was a very simple, short but really fun and good game! It goes straight to the point with the outlet. The maze part I thought was a bit too dark and the elevator didn't wait long enough, so maybe add light along the way and make the elevator wait towards the bottom and top. Other than that was a fun little game! 

Thanks for a lenghty responce and video about the game. I am really happy that people make reviews about this small game for a two minute horror game jam. The game has a flashlgight so that is the reason why the corridors are dark. As far as the elevator goes, I agree it is a bit fast. I must also point out that the you missed the ending of this game in the lets play video, if you replay the game and turn left instead of right when you reach top level you will find a room with a computer and from there on you will see the ending of this game. 

Simple but good game

Thanks for playing the game and making a video about it.

I am glad you found the game interesting.

bruh that scared the shnit out of me 

Thanks for enjoying the game :)